Romano Palace Luxury Hotel

Fitness & Relax

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A large swimming pool, with massage jets and whirlpool, set perfectly in the garden, pampers our guests during those moments of absolute relax – offering up soft sponges, comfortable chaise longue chairs, and a sophisticated poolside bar.

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The Playa of Catania is the sandy beach of the city, stretching out over eighteen kilometers. Along the coast, there are a number of beach facilities, called “lido”, that turn into fantastic bars and pubs in the evening, where you can dance, grab a nice dinner or meet with friends. The Romano Palace beach area offers high-class service and everything you might want for a wonderful day at the beach. Over the past few years, the Playa has become more than just a beach for the people of Catania – during the evening it is the heart of the summer nightlife. In addition to the beautiful beaches, you can also enjoy other “water” sites like the mouth of the Simeto River, a fantastic protected area with natural lakes and superb place for bird watching.

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Pool, Beach

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