Riserva Naturale Vendicari

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The Vendicari nature reserve is located a few kilometers south of Noto, in the province of Syracuse and is one of the most important protected natural areas of the region Sicily. The panorama of Vendicari is characterized by a series of coastal marshes and as a mix of Mediterranean and scrubland. It is not uncommon to be able to see herons, flamingos, cormorants and egrets. Among the vegetation stand out plants from large environmental adaptability as the juniper, mastic and salicornia.

The panorama of Vendicari is made even more impressive from the beach and from the remains man: the remains of the salt marshes, the old trap and the medieval watchtower. The guided tour of the reserve Vendicari allows you to discover the charm of this natural place saved from urbanization and the remains anthropogenic already left the Greek era.We could admire: The marshes of Vendicari and the birds housed, the coastal landscape in the dunes with its typical vegetation, the remains of ancient salt, the remains of the tuna and the medieval watchtower.

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