Romano Palace Luxury Hotel

Tokaj Garden

This is the Hotel’s outdoor restaurant, immersed in the scents and bouquet of our gardens, and perfect for a romantic dinner. Here we find absolute charm, perfect for business lunches or buffets, and during the evening for galas and shows – matched up wonderfully with the adjacent Buddha lounge area. All this comes together to offer the perfect setting for anything and everything you may desire.

Tokaj Garden is the best location for a wedding in Catania during spring and summer: more than 350 guests can be invited to a perfect party - Romano Palace guaranteed. Our catering service will provide guests with express cuisine: faster cooking for high-quality dishes, delicious creations from our chef, that will be happy to satisfy your tastes. Romano Palace offers you a package for your wedding in Catania, including flowers, colors, tissues and the whole "mise en place" in order to create the perfect atmosphere for the most unforgettable day of your life - of course, we will decide together every detail. And then there is entertainment, and music - what soundtrack have you been dreaming to hear during the most beautiful day of your life? Arches, swing, classical music, ... just tell us. In an enchanting location, all will be set for an enchanting day.