Gole Alcantara

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The tour will allow you to admire the famous Alcantara Gorges where you can see natural features of enormous charm including basalts, the flora and fauna of the river. Chance to take a dip in the icy river after a hike inside the gorges and scenic path from which you can make beautiful photos. Starting from the bridge Mitogio continuing, crossing cultivated areas and forests, often along the river. It can make a climb down the side of Mount Miramare, or down on the river bank near the famous Gorges of Larderia.

Among the options to free admission you can also be accessed by a municipal scale created by the City of Motta Camastra located in front of the box of tourist information. It can also take advantage of travel services to schemes run by private entrepreneurs (elevator, bar, restaurant, guides, hiking). The route also passes through some villages and the hydroelectric plant of Enel and often crosses the tracks of the railway now abandoned, crossing several times the Alcantara on beautiful bridges. Along the river feeding egrets and herons, specimens of Kingfisher and Sandpiper. Between the tops of the oaks they sing incessantly blue tits, great tits and blackbirds. With a little luck you can also observe the Dipper. The porcupine quills and made of rabbits indicate the abundant presence of these two mammals, while the arrival of and excursionists depart rural lizards, lizards, biacchi and struts.

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